Search Engine Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing is the term used to describe paid search engine rankings, or Pay Per Click (PPC) products such as Google Adwords and Yahoo!'s Sponsored Search. We also do organic search engine optimization, but sometimes you need fast or highly targeted results. SEM is what can provide these for you quickly. We advise that you try a mix of organic search engine optimization and SEM.

These are our services, and how much we charge for them.

Keyword Research Report (From $290)

Research into what search terms that search engine users are employing to find similar businesses to yours. Included are suggestions for broadening content scope to achieve greater search engine visibility.

This could include determining what niche markets you should target. These could be geographic, demographic, or determined by some other criteria.

We also want to make sure that we don't get inappropriate clicks, say from someone who is unlikely to use your services. Can you think of any negative words? If so we can make sure that your ads are not summoned when someone enters those words. If you were advertising real estate in St Petersburg, FL, you wouldn't want your ads to come up when someone entered in "St Petersburg, Russia".

Our goal is to work smart, so that we get the best converting clicks at the lowest cost.

PPC Campaign Setup (from $120)

This includes setup on any of the three major search engines. Setups on other engines are available as well.

Itemized with commission for ongoing management:

$50 per Account Set Up

$25 per Campaign Set Up

$25 per Ad group Set Up plus $3 per key phrase bid upon

Good ads require a call to action, iteration of the key words in the search query, and a display URL which reinforces your ad message.

ROI and Conversion Tracking ($130)

The Search Engines allow you to track the conversions of your ads into sales, form submits or other measurement parameters. We can set this up for you.

PPC Account Management (20% of ongoing ad spend, with a $70 per month minimum)

Once your campaigns have been set up, you can monitor them yourself, or you can get a professional SEM firm like Better Search Engine Rank to monitor them for you. Google has given us a master account where we can control all our clients campaigns, and we are also Google Advertising Professionals.

Some clients may not like the idea of a "percentage of ad spend" charging regime, as they think it encourages the consultant to make the spend as high as possible. A solution for this is that the client pays agency a monthly management fee calculated as 20% of ad spend, but we also agree on a monthly minimum fee to protect us if the ad spend is very small, and a monthly maximum fee cap to protect the client if the ad spend is very large. For medium-small sized clients that may be minimum $300 / 20% / $900 maximum.

We charge $70 a month for every 20 keywords that the client wants to use on a particular ad service such as Adwords or Yahoo! Sponsored Search.

Landing Page Design Consultation (From $190)

Do you have "landing pages"? Having someone click and just end up on your home page may not be effective. You want a page which is relevant to the ad clicked and provides a means of conversion, e.g. a form.

When a prospect clicks on one of your ads, the page that they land on will be critical in determining whether they convert into a sale. The most important thing to do is to create compelling, converting landing pages for those PPC prospects to go to.

We want to turn the pages that people go to into 'selling' pages, pages which create desire to fill out a form or pick up the phone. You may need to get different landing pages for each set of keywords, so that when someone clicks on an ad shown in response to one key phrase, they go to a page relevant to that key phrase.

We are specialists in SEM, and are glad to consult and work with your designers to get the best results. We also have links with some of the best designers in the country so can recommend someone to take your business as far as it can go online.

Analytics Setup for PPC (From $190)

We will setup an Analytics package for you and explain how to interpret the results that you see there. We can link it into your PPC campaign so that you can see how your paid search differentiates from your organic search traffic.

Competitive Analysis Report (From $290)

Tell us who your competitive web sites are. We will report on how your competition is having success (or failure) in the search engine pay per click arena. We suggest that you use this data to learn about their successful link building, advertising, content and other SEO tactics and use that knowledge to minimize their competitive advantage.

Time and materials basis ($75 an hour. Rates negotiable)

We will work with you to find out what the most cost effective SEM tactics are for your site and work at applying them until you say "Stop!". We believe that often 50% of the benefit is achieved with the first 10% of the work. So even a couple of hours of our time can really help you succeed.

$75 an hour. Rates are negotiable with bigger projects. Discounted packages are also available with payment in advance. Try our 10-4-9 package. Ten hours of SEM for the price of nine ($675)

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