Search Engine Optimization Services

These are our services, and how much we charge for them. These services will help your websites achieve higher rankings and will increase traffic through the organic search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN (Live).

All prices are negotiable of course. In most cases, the best solution is a customized package of services that targets issues specific to your website. The price will ultimately be based on the combination of services and the scope of your aspirations for search. The latter is determined by things such as site size and your competitive environment. Review our services and then contact us to determine the what will best work for you.

There are two things that the search engines like, rich content, and incoming links. Many web sites don't have a lot of either. Our SEO Packages address both these requirements.

Search Engine Ranking Report (From $90)

We will run a report on how your web site ranks in Google, Yahoo! and MSN for up to ten key phrases. There will be an extra charge for additional key phrases.

We can include a couple of your fiercest and closest competitors included as well if you want. Just let us know what their web sites are.

For $30 a time we can rerun the reports for you to allow you to keep up to date on how your web site is ranking.

Basic "On Page" SEO (From $290)

"On page" optimization is fixing the coding of your pages so that the Search engines know what your web site is about. Our "On page" optimization package includes link renaming, internal linking, setting alt and title attributes of image tags and links, meta tags, title tags, page and folder renaming, geographical focusing of pages to target keyword phrases, image renaming, Google Sitemap creation, and copy writing using accepted SEO principles. If possible we will also set up a custom 404 error page and robots.txt file.

For small web sites of up to ten pages, we will edit pages to meet acceptable search engine standards for up to five key phrases. There will be an extra charge for sites with lots of dynamic content, sites to which we don't have FTP access and for other special conditions.

In some cases it is an uphill battle doing SEO for some sites, such as anything real estate related (even though one of my sites is top ten for "St Petersburg rental" related searches). We will always advise you if we believe that cost effective results cannot be obtained for the money you are prepared to pay.

We can usually get some positive results pretty quickly. Once we have those initial key phrases, we will run a ranking report, with a couple of your fiercest and closest competitors included as well if you want. Just let us know what their web sites are.

Search Engine Friendliness Report (From $190)

A summary of the issues that may impact how the search engines are able to crawl, index and rank your website for the key phrases that you are targeting.

Pre Web Site Design Consultation (From $190)

Good SEO is good web design. If the Search Engines can figure out your web site, then people can navigate and use it better. We prefer to embark on the SEO process at the same time as building the site, as site architecture can be a factor in how your site ranks on the search engines. If you are about to embark on the construction of a new web site, we can advise on what to do, and what to avoid, so that your site is as search engine friendly as possible.

We are specialists in SEO, and are glad to consult and work with your designers to get the best results. We also have links with some of the best designers in the country so can recommend someone to take your business as far as it can go online.

Keyword Research Report (From $290)

Research into what search terms that search engine users are employing to find similar businesses to yours. Included are suggestions for broadening content scope to achieve greater search engine visibility.

Backlink Analysis Report (From $190)

We report on the links to your site from other sites in order to demonstrate their quantitative and qualitative value. We'll recommend link opportunities and the optimum coding of those links in order to convey the maximum amount of "link juice" to your web site.

We will also address the attractiveness of your site as a link destination. A site's copy and esthetics are relevant to SEO in that if you want to turn the site into "linkbait", i.e. a site that people will link to, then that may largely depend on how useful, usable and pleasing to the eye it is.

Analytics Setup (From $130)

We will setup an Analytics package for you and explain how to interpret the results that you see there.

Competitive Analysis Report (From $290)

Tell us who your competitive web sites are. We will report on how your competition is having success (or failure) in the search engine rankings. We suggest that you use this data to learn about their successful link building, advertising, content and other SEO tactics and use that knowledge to minimize their competitive advantage.

Content Development Report (From $190)

We report on how you can improve the quality and quantity of the content on your web site. We suggest possible sources of content and how it should be written to give you maximum benefit.

Backlink Building Campaign (From $290)

Another aspect of SEO is "off page optimization", which is largely link building.

WIth our backlink building campaign, we will use unpaid linking to overcome this major deficit in your current optimization. We will look at options including Social Media Marketing ("Web 2.0") and its user generated content. We can create and manage the content of your social media profiles to provide content and links back to your site, as well as attracting visitors.

Our services include link searches, social media work and directory submission. Note that directory submission may result in additional costs.

Link Advertising Campaigns (From $290 plus advertising costs)

Paid advertising links can be valuable to boost traffic and link popularity. They are readily available and are almost totally under the advertiser's control as to content.

Viral Content Report (From $290)

A report on ideas that can be used to create traffic, links and publicity for your web site. We provide broad ranges for tools, articles, blogs, applications, multimedia and other creative content designed for maximum appeal to the target audience.

As with informational content, the goals are to pull in visitors, links and rankings. In many cases, tools, widgets or interactive content can be an excellent way to attract organic links from relevant, varied sources.

Content Creation / Copywriting / Blog Content Writing ($75 an hour)

Our content building packages leverage your business's existing expertise and content to attract visitors, links and search engine traffic.

We can ghost write content for you, taking your knowledge and opinions and turning it into a well written blog, article or web page. If you time is too valuable, we can quickly obtain experts in a given discipline who can author a blog for you either under their names or your name.

This includes viral content that will pull in links and visitors from social media, editorial content and media sites and popular blogs on topics related to your business. This includes research, creative writing and possible multimedia development. Prices are dependent on the time required to create your content.

Domain Name Selection (From $90)

Perhaps you don't even have a web site yet or you would like to build some sites focusing on specific products or services that you offer. Domain names can make a world of difference to your search engine positioning. Make sure that the ones that you select leverage your most important key words.

Just send us your list of domain names and the key phrases that you'd like to rank well for and we will advise you as to what the most search engine friendly ones are.

This may be best done in conjunction with our Keyword Research Report that helps you determine how your prospects and customers do find you.

SEO Subscription (From $70 per month)

Once you have attained improvement in your search engine rankings then you want someone to be watching over your web site, monitoring the rankings, taking advantage of link opportunities and tweaking content where necessary. For a set and forget monthly fee, we will make sure that your rankings don't slip while you are not looking. This includes a monthly ranking report.

Time and materials basis ($75 an hour. Rates negotiable)

We will work with you to find out what the most cost effective SEO tactics are for your site and work at applying them until you say "Stop!". We believe that often 50% of the benefit is achieved with the first 10% of the work. So even a couple of hours of our time can really help you succeed.

$75 an hour. Rates are negotiable with bigger projects. Discounted packages are also available with payment in advance. Try our 10-4-9 package. Ten hours of SEO for the price of nine ($675)

Contextual Advertising Revenue Programs (From $290 - Joint Venture Proposals Welcome)

You may already have good search engine positioning, and you are probably getting fairly good traffic. You may want to enhance your revenue earning from that traffic by publishing ads on your web site.

Have you thought of using contextual ad programs to financially support your site, such as such as Google Adsense, Yahoo Publisher Network and Kontera? Contextual ad programs allow you can put ads on your web site similar to the paid ads you see on search engine results pages. If you have web sites with traffic that you could leverage then we may be able to help you.

We have been working with Google's Adsense program for two years now. Making the money is easy once you get the traffic and you know how to optimize the ads, and that is why using our services is so beneficial.

The formula is simple and it is:

Traffic and Content- (which is what you have) PLUS
Skill and Experience - (which is what we have)

There are a few secrets to making sure that you make as much money as possible from your site. And these techniques can often improve the performance and appearance of your site, so it is a win-win situation. Part of the secret is to make sure that any ads are harmonious with your existing site design.

We love to hear about proposals allow us to enjoy a slice of that revenue. If you ever want to joint venture on contextual advertising, just let us know. We may be able to make some beautiful money together.

We did do a joint venture with someone else who had a popular site with a lot of traffic. At first he decided he would go it alone. After six months, he decided to work with us. We made in the first two weeks what he earned by himself in six months. See our Google Adsense Contextual Advertising Page for some of our successful revenue generating web sites.

For Search Engine Marketing services, such as Adwords, see our SEM Services page.