Perenich, Caulfied, Avril and Noyes, Personal Injury Attorneys enjoyed a 50% increase in organic visitors in the first month, ramping up to 70% at the end of six months. We were also able to more than double their paid Google traffic while not increasing the costs, by using bid management and by enhancing quality scores. When first handed the account from the old agency, quality scores were in the 2 to 3 range. Now 80% of those quality scores are 7 or greater, with lots of tens.

Diagenode saw a 400% increase in organic visitors in one week! This was achieved just be addressing some server and architecture issues.

"I am impressed you were able to get the site so high so quick, congrats!! " Louie Ortiz, West Coast Aquarium Industries

We have had some success with the following companies.

We are currently working on Nexus Surf, the Brazilian Surf Vacation Experience in Florianopolis, Brazil.

Hans Keeling, CEO, stated "the results are already pretty damn good as it is for first week, so very curious to see after another month or so!!"

Simply put, Paul from Better Search Engine Rank is THE MAN when it comes to web search optimization. After several frustrating experience with other self-proclaimed "experts", where a good amount of money was spent for little or no results, I was fortunate enough to be referred by a good friend to Paul. Within a few brief phone calls and email exchanges, Paul managed to grasp what our needs where and help guide us through an efficient and cost-effective solution for improving our search results on the major search engines. A bit skeptical after my previous bad experiences, I had a "we'll wait and see" attitude at first. Needless to say, after a few short weeks, the results spoke for themselves:

September 16                Google        Yahoo          MSN
Brazil Surf                        #50                #4              #6

December 2 
Brazil Surf                        #4                #2                #2

And just for the record, these results came after I personally cut out about 1/3 of Paul's suggested changes (due to hyper picky aesthetic reasons) -- pretty incredible, and a great value for the money. I would recommend Paul wholeheartedly for anyone looking to improve their search engine visibility!

PS Hans is now top ten for the term surf vacation.

Here are the results that Debbie Cunningham of, Historic Kenwood, St Petersburg, Florida's top real estate agent got for her low cost investment in SEO:

August 1
August 20
Search term Google     Yahoo   Google     Yahoo
historic kenwood #60   #73   #8 #28
kenwood st petersburg
st petersburg bungalow 
not top 100

And those search engine rankings were still moving up last time we looked!

St Petersburg's Anglo Couture Wedding and Prom Gowns and Bridal Salon weren't even in the top 100 on Google. One week later, and a search for St Petersburg wedding dresses and they were now #7.

"Your work is definitely yielding results. The number of leads has increased exponentially." Vipin Adhlakha, VP Sales and Marketing, BioServe Inc (Genomics and Tissue and Serum Bank), Beltsville, MD

"Our investment in Better Search Engine Rank's services really paid off with increased business. We went from nowhere to top ten in organic rankings. The cost effective paid Google Adwords that were set up for us give a great return on investment, all with no monitoring on our part. It is hassle free marketing." - Greg Fiorisi, Athena Granite, Tampa FL

Greg was so impressed that he also asked us to do his new site, Athena Cabinets.

"I'm getting more leads than I can handle." - Debbie Cunningham, Historic Kenwood Realtor, St Petersburg FL

"I am so glad I found you!" - Mimi Dearmond, Nail U, St Petersburg FL

"Paul shows up, completes each project on time and on budget. He's a Star!" - Tony Parinello, author, Selling to VITO, the Very Important Top Officer, San Diego, CA

"Thank you very much for your work to date. I saw that I was on the first page for golf course properties sarasota! This is very exciting for me. I look forward to continued success!" - Steve Abbe, Realtor / PGA Golf Professional,, Sarasota FL

"I really appreciate your close attention. I know I was a little unpatient and frustrated since our clients confused our business with the other, but I started getting more calls and whatever you did is working." Nelly Ghassan, San Francisco Gifted Basket.

We are also helping San Diego's Best DJ. "Well Done! Good job! I just checked it and I am already at the bottom of page 2. You're awesome!"

Spa Design company, Da Vinci Design Associates, used our services for SEO and SEM and landed some big leads and big deals from inquiries to their web site.

Sticking with the Latin American them, introduction agency Medellin Cuties wants to find out if you are Interested in Latin Women? Try Medellin Cuties for Women from Medellin, Colombia. We will be working with them on placing them in this competitive market.

Another international client, Big Day Big Picture, is a Wedding Photographer in Cape Town, South Africa. We will be working with Roberta Crumplin there on placing them in this competitive market.

Amazing Reglazing in Largo, FL has now relaunched themselves as Go Green Reglazing: Tampa Bay's leading bath tub reglazing specialist.

We did the search engine optimization on the site of West Coast Aquariums and it went from the following Google rankings for the selected key phrases:

"custom aquariums" from #70 to #3
"acrylic aquariums" from #97 to #1
"aquarium design" from not top 100 to #3

See the increased site visits that a better search engine rank achieved for them
West Coast Aquarium Industries
The Best To You
The Best To You
Search engine optimization for San Diego's leading gift basket operation.
We rescued Mesa Physical Therapy, a partnership of physical therapists based in San Diego. We completed search engine optimization and the site went from the following Google rankings for the selected search term:

"physical therapy san diego" from not top 100 to #1
Mesa Physical Therapy
Female Vitamins

We designed and coded the site for and Within a few months of being done, both were ranked #1 in Google, AOL and Yahoo for the search term "female vitamins" and "male vitamins" respectively. Sadly, while still lives on, has come to a premature end.

We designed the site for The Actors Toolbox. We also got this site to #1 on Google's search engine for "casting director map" and "actors tool box" and "actors toolbox".

Actors Toolbox