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You need a better search engine rank.

On Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask or any other search engine, it is how far above the fold you are which will determine your traffic, and ultimately your sales.

Free traffic converts more highly.

Paid Search Engine Marketing is quick and more controllable, but your best customers will find you from your organic search results. Not only will you get more traffic but you will get a higher conversion rate. 72 per cent of Google users opt for "organic" search results versus 28 per cent who click on paid listings.



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Rank Better on Google, Yahoo and Bing

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the art and science of making sure that the search engines know what your site is about and show your site when people search for your products and services.

Would you be excited if the following happened to your web site?

  • From #50 to #4 on Google in ten weeks.
  • From not in the top 100 to #2 on Google in 18 days.
  • An increase in visitors from one hundred per day to three hundred per day in just two weeks.
  • You could say, as Vipin Adhlakha of BioServe did: "Your work is definitely yielding results. The number of leads has increased exponentially."

Better Search Engine Rank will make sure that your site is ready for the search engines with a program of on-page search engine optimization.

We can build a network of back links to your web site to increase your PageRank and your position as a hub of authority.

We can also get you started with paid search engine marketing, such as Google's Adwords, Yahoo's Sponsored Search or Microsoft Adcenter.

Contact us now with a no-obligation free Search Engine Rank Report. We have offices in the Culver City (Los Angeles), CA area and also in St Petersburg, FL.

We are SEO Specialists

We have eight years of experience in optimizing web sites to a better search engine rank for their chosen key phrases.

See some of the good SEO results that we have achieved, in some cases taking our clients from "Nowhere to No. 1" on the most competitive search engine of all, Google in as little time as a few weeks. And we have achieved the same results on Yahoo! and Microsoft's search engines as well.

We also offer services in setting up your paid Search Engine Marketing, or if you want the search engine companies to pay you, we can set up contextual advertising programs which will provide you with passive income from your existing web site.

Our latest client: a Tucson Wedding Planner

What do you need to do to get optimized?

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Are Better Search Engine Rank's services affordable?

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