How To Get A Better Search Engine Rank

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

We only use "White Hat Search Engine Optimization". We don't employ spamming techniques such as keyword stuffing or hidden text. We don't implement technology such as cloaking where the search engine sees a different web page to that which the ultimate human consumer sees.

These techniques can result in short term gains, but if the search engine companies detect what you are doing then you will end up banned from the search engines, and you may never find your way on to the search engine rankings again.

We only employ legitimate techniques of on-page optimization, and off-page optimization via link building campaigns.

Old Hat SEO

We are not going to blithely tell you that we will do your "meta tags". That is old hat. Many web designers believe all you have to do is put the right keywords into your META tags and that does the trick. META tags are about 5% of the total mix of search engine optimization techniques. They basically went out due to the Britney Spears effect.

The Britney Spears effect is where the "rank" amateurs and the Black Hat SEO consultants would stuff their META tags with popular search key phrases like "Britney Spears naked" in order to get a high ranking for that term, and thus generate lots of traffic. It worked for a while but the traffic was unqualified and those who were looking for nude pictures of Britney Spears were usually very disappointed. Including myself. Ooops, did I write that?

And for anyone who can't remember when Britney was the girl of the moment, substitute in Jessica Simpson Paris Hilton Lindsay Lohan now. So, if someone tells you that they are using the National Enquirer for their keyword research, head for the door.

Google Adsense

We are also experts in the Google Adsense program, where you leverage the traffic to your web site into advertising revenue when the visitors click on the ads on the site. This is known as Contextual Advertising. You can see our Google Adsense Contextual Advertising Page here.