About Better Search Engine Rank

Better Search Engine Rank is based in St Petersburg, in the Tampa Bay area of the Gulf Coast of Florida. We have over twenty years experience in the computer industry, but since 2002 we have done search engine optimization for clients all over the USA and the world. So, if you are not in Tampa Bay or St Pete, we can still help you with a better search engine rank.

You have the web site, but no one is going to it.
Or you want more people going to it.
You want qualified prospects intent on converting to being YOUR customers.

Then contact us about having your site search engine optimized to rank higher in Google and Yahoo et al for your chosen terms. We can do it affordably and effectively.

We have been doing SEO since 2002, after finding that it was a lot more painless (for ourselves and for the clients) then the process of building sites from the ground up. We will leave that to web site designers. They earn every penny, but unfortunately not a lot of them know how to get a better ranking on the search engines. Some even think all you have to do is make up some META tags. And then they go ahead and build the site using Flash. Oy veh!

Real Search Engine Optimization and a Better Search Engine Rank. That is our specialty.

So please contact us now and chat with us about where you would like your web site to be.

We are partners with some of the top web designers in the Tampa Bay area and can always help you find the right one, especially one who understands SEO.